Recruitment Consultancy Service

A refreshing, effective alternative to recruitment agencies.

Recruitment Consultancy Service

Specialist recruitment consultancy providing a refreshing, effective alternative to recruitment agencies.

We understand that effective recruitment is crucial to the smooth running of a business. Contingency recruitment costs can be as high as 30% of the candidate’s first annual salary, yet recruitment agencies are so keen to fill positions that they may not search effectively for the right candidate.


Not only will the client be left with the cost of repeating the recruitment process, but the disturbance of a bad hire can cause lost productivity and negatively affect staff retention. Each new employee takes an average of 24 weeks to reach full productivity in a new role, the cost of which soon multiplies when the recruitment process is forced to be repeated. Our in-house recruitment consultancy service knows that hiring the right staff first time is as important to our clients as it is to us here at Ballards LLP, and offers an alternative to costly recruitment agencies and time-consuming employee on-boarding processes.


Our consultancy service is more than just placing someone in a job. We provide expert advice on recruitment, including salary surveys and guidance through effective interview processes.


We offer a cost-effective solution to the recruitment ‘headache’. We work with our clients to develop specific and targeted job adverts which we advertise on top job boards and across our network of contacts, whilst maintaining our client’s anonymity. We also provide market mapping to showcase potential candidates from a particular sector or job remit. Our team will collate applications, delivering a shortlist of suitable candidates to our clients. We advise our clients throughout the interview process, with optional attendance to interviews included in our service. Once the new employee has been selected, our team will support the client with job offer management and the on-boarding process. We will check referencing and the eligibility of candidates to work in the UK, and provide support through the logistical organisation of start dates, salary negotiation, contract signing and the notice period at the candidate’s current position. Here at Ballards LLP, we know that clients prefer to avoid the recruitment process where possible by retaining current staff, therefore we also provide advice on staff retention and competitor analysis.

We provide a true consultancy approach with expert advice and guidance, including:


  • Tailored solutions to client’s recruitment needs.
  • Working in partnership with clients to produce a targeted job specification.
  • Effectively advertising the position on top online job boards and within our network of candidates.
  • Candidate market mapping.
  • Suitability checks and shortlisting of applicants.
  • Support throughout the interview process, including optional attendance as part of our service.
  • Collating and checking of candidate references and eligibility to work in the UK.
  • Job offer management.
  • Expert support throughout the on-boarding process.
  • Salary surveys, and advice & support through salary negotiation.
  • Advice on effective staff retention.

Whatever your needs, we are here to help

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